Griffin Bike Park

The Griffin Bike Park is a project of the Vigo County Parks and Recreation Department. The design and development of the Griffin Bike Park is guided by these core values: Freedom, Family, Friendship, Community

The Griffin Bike Park will be a national caliber destination riding area with a wide range of progression based purpose built bike trails, technical trail features and riding facilities designed to provide a full spectrum riding experience for riders of all ages, skills and abilities.

A 16-mile trail network of premiere purpose built bike trails will showcase the extremely dynamic landscape and terrain created by the historic strip mining activities and the environment after 50-years of forest re-vegetation. 

A core perimeter loop trail will connect all park access points, entrances and parking areas following the boundary of the park. A core lake loop trail will circumnavigate the central 50-acre lake in the park and provide stunning 360° views the entire way. These core trails will be beginner level and will provide access to all the trails and areas in the park

A stacked loop network of bike specific trails designed to amplify the already dynamic terrain with the addition of progressive technical skills features will be tiered off of the core loops. These trails will include a wide range of technical skills feature: from lower speed log rides and ladder bridges; to higher speed terrain features including jumps, drops, wall rides, step ups, step downs and "20' mega-pump sections" that will allow riders to pump over large areas of 20'-40' high rolling terrain without pedaling.

Technical skills features throughout the trails will be provided as options for riders wanting a higher level of technical challenge and "ride arounds" for riders that don't. Several "Proving Grounds Skills Areas" will have a concentrated number of optional lines and skills features in addition to areas for observation to allow for group ride "skills progression sessions", coaching, instruction, photos and filming.

The trails are designed to link into a single continuous route. Once linked, riders can ride every trail in the system as an extended, uninterrupted, seamless experience, maximizing the 300 acres of available terrain and providing "total situational awareness" for the rider. 

Anchoring the trail system, is the seven-acre "LZ" or Landing Zone Terrain Park complete with a dual slalom track, free-ride dirt jumps, pump track and a kids track which will create a highly visible centralized hub of activity for riders accessing the trails and riding areas, parents, families and spectators alike. The riding elements in the "LZ" are made for competitions, events, demonstrations, coaching and instruction. The Basic Training Skills Park is a five-acre skills park with a "Basic Training Skills Loop Trail" and a series of "Basic Training Skills Features" to prepare riders for the types of terrain and features they will encounter and provide the perfect warm up and skills refresher.

Driving in visitors will pass under the park entrance gateway which will be designed to double as the XC Race Start Gantry, where XC racers will begin on the wide open slightly uphill entrance road before vying for position onto the single track trails. Visitors will then pass by the Fallen Soldiers Memorial Area where a flag pole and plaque will commemorate Dale R. Griffin and other fallen soldiers to whom the park is dedicated. 

Bike specific amenities such as the bike wash, bike tool station, the start/finish gantry, starting and timing gates, the oversized event parking,"Overwatch" Park RV Site, the restroom complex, and the Group Campsite will make the Griffin Bike Park a local, regional and national destination for riders from around the country.

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