J. P. Alexander Memorial Scholarship Fund

A post secondary scholarship for a student from Sullivan County who is pursuing a degree in music.

J. P. Alexander was born April 2, 1981.  From the age of 2, J.P. showed a strong interest in music, especially in piano.  Starting at the age of 6, J.P. took piano lessons from 6 different teachers in 6 years.  He had a unique talent for improvising music.  While J.P. could also play the saxophone, clarinet and flute, he loved playing keyboard instruments.  He could play synthesizers, organs and clavianovas, but his favorite instrument was a grand piano.

At the age of 9, J. P. played for the first of many weddings.  He competed in "The Hoosier Young Pianist" and won the honor to play concerts in the Fine Arts Building at the Indiana State Fair.  Each year, he would again compete for this honor.  For 8 consecutive years, J.P. won this honor.  People would stop and listen in amazement at the talent that J.P. had at such a young age.  He received many standing ovations and was asked repeatedly to play encores.

By the time, J.P. turned 15, he had become an accomplished pianist.  He was contacted by a recording artist and studio in Tennessee.  In January of 1997, J.P. cut a religious album entitles "Grace that is Greater."  Also in 1997, J.P. was asked to play for Governor O'Bannon's inauguration at the Indiana State Capital building in Indianapolis.  J.P. soon became the personal pianist for Gov. and Mrs. O'Bannon, playing various times for receptions held at the Governor’s mansion.  

During his short life, J.P. played at many recitals and in numerous piano competitions.  At the age of 16, he placed 9th in keyboarding at the National Fine Art Festival held in Springfield, OH.  J.P was hired frequently to play at weddings, anniversary receptions, banquets, churches, youth groups, reunions, birthdays, dinner music and at funerals for nine area funeral homes.  J. P. was the opening act for number Gospel concerts at the Sherman Theater in Sullivan, Indiana for groups such as J.D. Sumner and the Stamps.  

Music was the love of J.P.'s life and his ministry.  Before his tragic and untimely death, J.P; was schedule to audition for a music scholarship at the Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK. This scholarship is to memorialize his love of music and to honor J.P.'s talent and life through a scholarship to a Sullivan County student desiring to pursue a career in music.  

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